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Listed below are some fundamental explanations of how natural healing mechanisms present within the body work in control, cure or prevention of disease.
It is to be noted that these are only broad principles & not the entire gamut of Alternative Therapy.
These measures are generally applicable to most illnesses under relevant systems but by no means is always applicable to every disease & every patient.
We take no responsibility to endorse these principles to patients whom we have not seen or advised. However it is our belief that most of these principles should help in one way or other.
It is also to be understood that these are only general measures and in addition to this general advice, specific remedies may differ for specific diseases, which shall be outlined in the consults.
We hope you will surely benefit from these natures principles...



i)             General applications non system specific

ii)            General applications to specific systems



i) non system specific-

1)    NUTRITION :-


i)             CARBOHYDRATES-

      Complex carbohydrates or long acting (roti, rice, bread,

      etc.) provide energy after 4 hours. Simple carbohydrates

      or short acting (fruits, biscuits, etc.) provide energy

     much faster, within 15 minutes.


ii)     PROTEINS- Eggs, milk, nuts, sprouts, fish, chicken, meat, etc.


iii)    FATS- Polyunsaturated fatty acids like nuts, seeds, etc.


iv)           VITAMINS- A, B, C, D, etc.

Deficiency of vitamin A causes night blindness. Vitamin A is present in carrots, pumpkins.

Deficiency of vitamin B complex causes Beri Beri. It is present in green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, all non vegetarian food, peels of fruits, covering of pulses, etc.

Deficiency of vitamin C causes frequent colds. It is present in citrus fruits (orange, sweet lime).


v)            MINERALS- Calcium, iron, etc.

Calcium is available in milk and milk products, fruits like mango, banana, etc. Iron is present in green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, etc. Deficiency of iron causes Anaemia.


vi)           ELECTROLYTES- Sodium, potassium, etc.

     Sodium may be taken in the form of common salt (sodium chloride). Potassium is present in honey, jaggery, fruits, etc.

Calcium in the form of milk in the right proportion is very important for healing in many places.


Lack of calcium causes muscle spasms, weakness, lethargy, bone fractures. Peripheral arteriolar tone is dependent upon Calcium.


Conventional anti-hypertensive therapy involves the use of calcium channel blockers such as Nifedipine (trade name-Depin). These drugs block the calcium channels in the whole body including the heart and blood vessels in order to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. However, they also reduce the force of contraction of the heart which will worsen the condition of a patient suffering from cardiac failure. Also they cause bronco-constriction as the muscles of the bronchus also go into spasm. This will worsen a case of asthma.


The lack of calcium leads to overall body symptoms like:


a)    Extreme weakness

b)    Carpopedal spasm

c)    Convulsions

The required amount of calcium in the diet may be regulated as follows:

1 part of calcium= 1 glass milk/1 bowl curd/1 glass lassi/1 cheese cube

Required intake per day for an adult= 2 parts of calcium

For every 30 minutes of intensive exercise, example running, or 60 minutes of moderate exercise, example walking, add 1 part of calcium.


M- Milk

E- Egg

L- Live food (fruits, raw vegetables)

A-    Atta

N- Nuts

D- Dudhi (alkali)

Raw vegetables are an important part of diet as a source of fiber. Lack of fiber causes constipation. When a person suffering from constipation strains to pass stools, it causes varicosity of the veins of the rectum called Piles. When he passes hard stools , it cuts the anus and causes fissures. Conventionally it is treated with local steroids when all that is needed is to increase the fiber content in diet.

ALKALI- One of the most important factors in healing is the pH regulation of blood. The normal pH of blood is 7.32-7.42. If pH goes to 6.8, it indicates strongly acidic blood causing fits and coma. Patients in cardiac arrest, when injected intravenously with Sodium Bicarbonate followed by DC shock, can sometimes be revived.

Effects of acidosis:-

a)    JOINT ARTHRITIS- Consumption of acidic food over a long period of time will increase wear and tear of joints, cause joint sprains, muscle sprains, overall weakness, stiffness, and depression.

b)    CORONARY BLOCKAGES- Insestion of acidic food accelerates deposits in coronary arteries and therefore prepones myocardial infarctions and strokes.

c)    EXTENT OF INFARCTRION- Acidosis causes increase in the area of the infarction of the heart.

d)    All healing is facilitated in alkaline pH of blood whereas all disease and injury worsens in acidic pH.

Regulation of blood pH to promote healing (alkaline food):-

a)    RAW FOOD- When food is cooked, proteins coagulate and pH becomes acidic. Raw food is alkaline.

b)    VEGETABLE JUICES- Lauki or bottle gourd juice, bitter gourd, water melon peel juice, coconut water is all alkaline in nature. To get maximum benefit, nothing should be consumed until after half an hour of drinking vegetable juices.

c)    NO SOUR FOOD- Do not eat sour food like lemon, tamarind, vinegar, kokam, etc. They are all acidic.



a)    All non vegetarian food is putrefied. The moment an animal dies it starts decaying. After hours of decay it is put in cold storage where again putrifaction occurs. Even fish caught the previous morning is not fresh because it is consumed after 48 hours.


b)    All non vegetarian food has high acidic pH, i.e. it contains uric acid. They have a very high content of uric acids because after death cellular DNA breaks down the byproduct of which is uric acid.


c)    People who eat non vegetarian food could suffer from allergies of skin (eczema), asthma, etc. because it is animal protein.


d)    All non vegetarian food contains stress hormones because when the animal is being slaughtered it is terrified and releases stress hormones. When one consumes non vegetarian food, he also consumes stress hormones. Therefore some non vegetarians could experience agitation.


Hence it is best to avoid non vegetarian food. However, if it must be consumed, then it is better to kill and eat immediately.


Horse dung powder is used to contaminate masala and other spices. Industrial waste oil is used to contaminate cooking oil. FDA has found food contamination even in major 5 star hotels. Therefore spicy food consumed at home does not cause acidity but when outside food is consumed it causes severe acidity, heart burn and regurgitation because of the contaminants.


When contaminated food enters the stomach, in an attempt to shut it off from the rest of the body, the pylorus contracts and shuts down. As a result the gastric acids which otherwise leave the stomach in 20 minutes stay on and start eroding the stomach lining and cause peptic ulcers. It is a protective mechanism. It is not hyperacidity, but normal acidity with a closed pyelorus.

Now that the food is stagnating in the stomach, bacteria like H-pylori grow causing conventional thought to conclude that peptic ulcer is caused by H-pylori. Therefore peptic ulcer is nowadays treated with antibiotics. Instead cutting the contaminated food from diet will help in healing.

SALIVA IS AN ANTACID- When food is chewed properly, it mixes well with the salivary juices in the mouth. Saliva is alkaline in nature. The alkaline saliva coating the food reaches the stomach and neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Thus chewing food well will cure acidity and ulcers.

2)    EXERCISE:-


i)       MUSCULOSTELETAL SYSTEM- Exercise increases blood supply to all ligaments and supporting muscles. Exercise will improve flexibility and strength of ligaments and all the supporting muscles around the joints and as a result the joints will become stronger and stabler. With exercise, the mobility in the body is maintained, which is important for proper body functioning as well as for healing. In case of an injury like bone fracture, it is important to rest only the affected part and not the whole body as is conventionally followed.


ii)     CARDIO-RESPIRATORY SYSTEM- Normally the heart pumps around 5 litres of blood per minute. While exercising the heart pumps 7.5 litres of blood per minute. Therefore the effort tolerance of the heart increases. Normally the resting blood pressure is 120/80. After prolonged exercise the oxygen consumption of the body, resting heart rate, and the blood pressure start decreasing. This means that the heart starts functioning at greater efficiency with a lesser requirement of oxygen and nutrients.


Also during exercise the heart requires more blood to be delivered to itself which leads to the formation of many collateral blood vessels/arteries thus obliviating the need for bypass surgery and angioplasty due to blockages in the main coronary artery.


iii)    GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT- Exercise increases the blood supply to the tissues of the GI tract. It improves intestinal muscle tone and relieves constipation and intestinal bloat.


iv)     KIDNEY- Exercise increases perfusion to the kidneys. Regular abdominal exercise, running, jumping, etc. help in crushing and dislodging kidney stones that are excreted out in urine.


v)      In women, regular exercise relieves menstrual cramps. Exercising the muscles of the abdomen will also increase the muscle tone of the uterus. Stronger uterine muscles will help in getting rid of cramps during menses.


vi)     RISE IN WHITE BLOOD CELLS- In healing, during illness or disease, mild to moderate exercise causes a rise in WBC’s. The level and intensity of the exercise is to be decided by the patient under guidance of competent authority in accordance with his or her disease and state of body. With the appropriate exercise causing a rise in WBC’s, the body will heal faster as the body’s immune mechanisms will be boosted.


Exercise may be classified as local and general. General exercise is that which involves the whole body and contributes to overall fitness, for example, walking, aerobics, etc. Local exercise is that which involves the use of a specific part or organ of the body. For example, in order to treat asthma, a patient may be advised lung specific exercises such as blowing balloons, stair climbing, etc.




All the hormones in the body, such as testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone are estimated at two times during the day- in the morning and in the evening.


SUNLIGHT- It is the controlling factor for starting and shutting down all the biological processes in the body. Therefore it is important to wake up in the morning at sunrise and expose the eyes to sunlight for at least 20 minutes everyday, and for healing 30-40 minutes. Similarly all the body systems must be regulated to wind down and reduce activity after sunset and gradually go to sleep.


SLEEP- Always try to sleep and wake up at the same time. For example, if you sleep at 11 P.M. and wake up at 6 A.M., then try to keep the timing constant. An allowance of an hour can be made either way. Even if you are habituated to sleep late, say at 1 P.M., then you must stick to the same time. Wide fluctuations must not be made, for example, sleeping at 10 P.M. sometimes and at 2 P.M. at other times.


FOOD- Food must not be consumed before sunrise and after sunset. After sunset, all the body systems including the GI tract gradually come to a resting state and slow down. Hence consumption of food late at night would draw blood to the intestines, therefore reducing blood perfusion to the heart and the brain.


This is reason maximum heart attacks occur at night as people eat heavy meals late at night and go to sleep on a full stomach.


At night when the body is fasting and resting, the growth hormone is released. Therefore, it is important to have dinner by sunset and to avoid food after that and also to have breakfast immediately after sunrise. By doing this, children and teenagers will grow taller, have better muscle tissues and bones.


By taking proper care of the diurnal rhythm by following the steps explained above, all the hormones in the body get stabilized and the influence of hormonal fluctuation on disease is reduced which facilitates the healing process naturally.


4)    SLEEP:-


The quality and the quantity of sleep are very important for maintaining health and specially for healing.


You must sleep for enough number of hours each day. The factors for deciding the number of sleep hours required are exercise, stress and disease. The body needs more sleep after exercising and if you are going through stress. For healing, it is important to sleep for at least 7 hours.


The sleep must be deep so that you wake up feeling fresh and rested. In case you have slept less, then try to take short 15 minute power naps at the end of every hour during the day for rejuvenation.


There are certain substitutes to sleep in case adequate sleep is not possible, for example mentally relaxing activities such as listening to music, reading something which calms the mind, stretching, deep breathing, etc.


The benefits of sleeping are oxygenation, digestion, pH regulation, resting the heart and muscles. During sleep, the heart rate and blood pressure come down and therefore the heart is rested. The depth of respiration increases and therefore greater oxygenation takes place. The digestion also improves during sleep. All the muscles which have been used during the day and those that are stiff and tight due to muscular activity relax during sleep. Also, since they are not in use, no lactic acid secretion takes place. In fact, lactic acids are washed out, thus good sleep regulates blood pH balance. Sleep also helps in resolving repression via dreams by brain activity.


Certain factors help in having good sleep. Stretching of muscles, a hot water bath, a glass of milk, banana, or groundnuts all help in the quality of sleep. Avoid bright lights and stressful discussions before sleeping.





Excess body weight or obesity is a predisposing factor for many diseases and complications.


  ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE (IHD) - Obesity reduces the effort tolerance of the heart by increasing the load on the heart.


  HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – The heart has to work more due to increased load.


  OSTEO ARTHRITIS- Obesity causes wear and tear of the joints.


  INSULIN RESISTANCE- Although insulin is present in the body, obesity and lack of exercise can render it inactive. Therefore it can precipitate or worsen diabetes.


DETERMINING OBESITY- Obesity may be ascertained by taking a waist pinch. If it is 2 inches thick, then it shows normal body weight. Every additional half inch shows 5 Kg extra weight.


CAUSE- Obesity is not necessarily caused by overeating. The most important factor and the most poorly understood is the value of a balanced diet. In fact, overeating is also the result of an imbalanced diet. If the food being consumed is deficient in a particular nutrient which is needed by the body, then there will be a tendency to eat large quantity of that food in


order to make up for the required amount leading to overeating. Having a well balanced diet which consists of all the nutrients keeps weight in check.


Also, the diet must include adequate fiber as low fiber causes obesity. This is because fiber is roughage which contributes to feeling full after a meal. If the food does not have fiber, then you do not feel full again leading to overeating. Example, you cannot eat as many apples at one time as you can eat mangoes.




Melatonin is the ultimate hormone which bestows youth, energy and drive. It is the youth hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland at night in response to exposure of the eyes to sunlight during the day. It is supposed to be similar to morphine in structure. So if the eyes are exposed to sunlight during the day then youth hormone is released at night.


Synthesis of melatonin is inhibited by free radicals which are released in electro magnetic field like television, refrigerator, computers, artificial lights, fan, air conditioner, etc.

An important factor which stimulates the synthesis of melatonin is BETA CAROTENE which is found in all green leafy vegetables and carrots.




STRESS RESPONSE- Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.


Sympathetic nervous system- This is responsible for releasing Adrenaline during times of increased stress. Adrenaline causes rise in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, muscle tension, etc.


Parasympathetic nervous system- This is responsible for releasing Acetylcholine which acts as a stress reliever as it causes reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, muscle tension, etc.


EMOTIONAL FACTORS- There are many emotional factors which contribute to stress.


  Frustration            - Anger


  Jealousy               - Hate


  Sexual frustration - Repression, aggression


  Desire                   - Fear


  Pessimism             - Depression


All the above mentioned factors generate stress which causes release of Adrenaline. It causes bombardment of the brain and makes you hyperactive. It also releases cortisone in the body which makes you retain salt and appear oedematous and makes the bones hollow.


When the mind is relaxed, the body releases Acetylcholine which has the exact opposite effect as Adrenaline.


Therefore, you must take frequent holidays in order to relax. Other methods may be employed such as recreational activities like playing a sport, going for a walk, reading, listening to soothing music, etc. Specially during healing, it is important to avoid stress due to work, marital problems, etc.




The blood volume is dependent upon COLLOIDAL OSMOTIC PRESSURE.


Colloidal osmotic pressure determines blood pressure; this in turn determines the state and level of energy. When the blood pressure drops below normal there is a feeling of lethargy, lassitude and weakness.


The two components which are responsible for keeping water in the blood in circulation in the capillaries are salt and protein (albumin). Salt exerts positive pressure on the capillaries while protein (albumin) exerts negative pressure.


So in order to have good colloidal osmotic pressure, 3 things need to be consumed:


a)            Salt – Fruits


b)            Protein – Eggs, milk, pulses


c)             Bio water – Vegetable juices, coconut water


Temporary fall in blood pressure could happen due to:


  Dehydration- Exercise, driving in a vehicle with the windows down


  Inadequate fluid intake


  Prolonged exposure to heat and light


  Diarrhoea, vomiting, etc


In order to restore blood pressure, a diet rich in salt, protein, bio water is recommended which would restore the colloidal osmotic pressure. Also, thick liquids are very important and useful for maintaining as well as restoring blood volume and blood pressure such as Bengali sweets (rasgulla), milk and protinex, icecream, wheat (after 3-5 hours).


Maintaining blood volume and blood pressure is very important for any healing, especially for gynaecological problems and depression.




There must be no habituation to smoking, alcohol, drugs, medications, etc.


The ill effects of smoking are as follows:

  Narrowing of peripheral arteries- Smoking leads to the walls of the arteries becoming thicker and less elastic. The lumen becomes narrow. This may cause rise in blood pressure.

  Destruction of cilia in respiratory tract- Cilia, which are responsible for bringing up sputum or any foreign particle out of the respiratory tract, are destroyed by tobacco smoke. Smoking may also lead to respiratory failure.

  Depositions in arteries- Due to accelerated atheromatous depositions in coronary arteries and the arteries of the brain due to smoking, stroke and heart attacks may result.


Alcohol- Consumption of alcohol causes severe gastritis and vomiting. It also causes dehydration, lowers blood sugar leading to hypoglycaemia and causes vitamin B1 depletion. Therefore, hangover headaches caused by alcohol consumption are relieved by first, taking vitamin B complex and then eating food.

Alcohol also causes incoordination (loss of balance) and systolic hypertension.




A)    NSAIDS- Common NSAIDS can cause peptic ulcers, severe GI bleeding, worsening of asthma due to bronchospasm, salt retention, and oedema.


Inflammation is part of the healing process                          and taking anti-inflammatory drugs suppress it thereby preventing the body from following its natural course towards healing the injury or disease.


B)    ANTIBIOTICS- They cause diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, salt retention, and oedema.


There are billions of bacteria which are living in harmony in the body and are responsible for maintaining proper body functioning. Antibiotics do not differentiate between different bacteria but kill all the bacteria in the body. This leaves a void thereby increasing chance of infection by other harmful bacteria from outside the body which take the place of normal bacteria. Also the body forms memory antibodies in response to bacterial infection which are then used in future against a new bacterial infection. Taking antibiotics prevents the body from forming such memory antibodies.


C)    BETA BLOCKERS AND CALCIUM BLOCKERS- They can cause RHF (right heart failure), hypotension, worsening of asthma due to bronchospasm, constipation, depression.


Beta blockers and calcium blockers are frequently given for treating hypertension. Beta blockers lower blood pressure by cutting the release of adrenaline in the body. However, it also causes fall in the heart rate and force of contraction which would worsen a case of cardiac failure. It will lead to weakness as the body will not be able to regulate the release of adrenaline in response to increased demand that may arise due to physical activity. It will cause bronchoconstriction which would worsen a case of asthma. It will also lead to erectile dysfunction.


Calcium blockers reduce blood pressure by dropping the entry of calcium into the cells all over muscles in the body. It would lead to many side effects.


A calcium block in the whole body will lead to:

  Extreme weakness

  Carpopedal spasm



D)    LASIX- Lasix cause drop in sodium and potassium. Fall in potassium causes arrhythmias. Prolonged use of lasix can cause deafness and tinnitus.


E)    TRANQUILIZERS- They cause confusion and dazed states.




F)    COLD COUGH REMEDIES, ANTI ALLERGY DRUGS, PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS- All of them cause sedation and drowsiness.


G)    DEPRESSION OF BONE MARROW- It will lead to the following consequences:


  Suppression in synthesis of RBC- Haemoglobin will go down causing anaemia.

  Suppression in synthesis of WBC- Immunity will be lowered causing infections.

  Suppression in synthesis of platelets- Will cause bleeding from everywhere.


11) ORGASM:-


The mechanism by which a sexual orgasm helps in lowering blood pressure is an adrenaline surge followed by an acetylcholine surge.


During intercourse, the peripheral arterioles contract and the blood pressure rises to a very high level. During the orgasm, it rises even higher. This is because of release of adrenaline from the medulla. With the orgasm, the peripheral arterioles suddenly relax completely and dilate with the result that the blood pressure falls below normal. This is because of release of acetylcholine.


Thus it is a major blood pressure as well as hormonal regulator. It is like a reset of hormones from top to bottom, giving a feeling of well being.


But in order to accomplish all of the above, the orgasm needs to be substantially strong.





Pollution is a major health hazard, primarily affecting the lungs. It also affects the pH balance of the body as vehicular smoke and other normal pollutants present in the urban setting contain carbon monoxide which makes the blood pH acidic.


It is important to move out of a polluted environment. If that is not possible then regular holidays are a must in order to clean the lungs and regulate the blood pH levels.





a)            Exercise- 45-90 minutes slow walking (not on treadmill)

b)            Maintaining pH (alkali)

c)             Reduce salt

d)            Enough potassium (fruit), and calcium (milk)

e)             No drugs




a)            Diet- Salt, calcium, water and vitamins. No milk in the evening

b)            Exercise- Blowing balloons, running, walking, stair climbing

c)             No steroids

d)            Encourage coughing (again calcium)




a)            Fasting

b)            Electrolytes

c)             Abdominal exercise (to increase blood supply)

d)            Lot of fiber (roughage)

e)             Peptic ulcer- Neutralize acids as follows:

  Chew well and slowly


  Give gaps between meals

  Eat small amounts




a)            Lot of water- to cause diuresis

b)             Calcium- for increased tone of ureters to pass renal stones

c)            Jumping up and down- in case of kidney stones (to move the stone down)

d)            Alkali (dudhi)

e)            Orgasm- for lower urinary tract, ex. bladder (should be substantially strong to make the bladder contract)




a)            No blood pressure lowering agents

b)            Neuromuscular coordination enhancing exercises

c)             B1, B6, B12 injections

d)            No intoxicants

e)             Sleep

f)             Alkali (dudhi)

g)             Asanas for improving blood supply to the brain




a)            Iron- bleeding disorders cause anaemia and vice versa

b)            Specific exercises- squeezing anal sphincter, orgasm, etc.

c)             Good build up of circulation to prevent HT

d)            General principles




a)            Rest the part

b)            Encourage early and passive mobility

c)             Alkali (dudhi) for healing

d)            Rest only the affected part and not the whole body

e)             Do not massage

f)             Take calcium (to reduce spasm), sodium (Na- to reduce pain if it exists), glucose

g)             Mobility

h)            Local exercise (joint)




a)            Water and electrolytes

b)            May require fasting (for GI rest)

c)             Good food

d)            Fresh air

e)             Sleep/rest

f)             For low grade fever- short stroll, return and check vitals

Provide outlet- coughing, shitting, discharge

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