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Mrs Sharda 35 yrs, IT Professional developed Diabetes. She was taking oral medicines to control her sugar. She could not be controlled on drugs, so she was started on injections of Insulin. One day she took her Insulin & did not eat well. She went into Coma & took one week to recover in the hospital. After this shocking episode she started Nature therapy. Today her Blood sugar is controlled without any Insulin injections or Drugs.







 Insulin is present and periferal tissues are partially responsive to it.  Carbohydrate, proteins, fat metabolism are upset. 


Insulin increases glucose transport into muscle, converts glucose into glycogen in the liver.


 Insulin increases TG synthesis and fatty acid synthesis in liver, anabolises protein and prevents protein breakdown, transports potassium into cells. 


However since some glucose enters muscle cells, Ketogenesis does not usually occur.




Muscle cells depend on glucose primarily for resting anaerobic metabolism. 


Amino acids enter Aerobic Krebs cycle and can provide energy only on exercise. 


Brain cells however depend exclusively only on glucose for their function and as little as 6 g/hr. 


Most of the glucose absorbed (80%) is stored as fat by Insulin.  TG’s stored are broken into glycerol and fatty acids. 


Glycerol is converted into glucose for energy utilization. 

Fatty acids enter Krebs cycle.  Amino acids enter Krebs cycle for energy.  Hence if there is absolutely no glucose entry into the cell in IDDM, the person should not survive or should immediately go over to ketosis for energy utilization.  Since that does not occur, we can conclude that


(I)                   Either Insulin is not totally responsible for total glucose entry into cell and energy utilization (since at rest, neither fatty acids, glycerol nor amino acids can support metabolism) OR


(II)                 With Insulin deficiency as in IDDM, some glucose is still entering the cells then you have a situation similar to NIDDM where some glucose still enters Insulin resistant cells (and no Insulin deficiency exists).


Hence Insulin becomes not the only factor causing DM.  In IDDM, the high glucose is exerted in urine causing osmotic diuresis and increasing polyuria.




In stressful situations the Acetyl CoA and fatty acids are converted to ketone bodies and these are utilized by the cells at rest. 


Hence in prolonged starvation despite glucose deprivation, the body cells survive on ketone bodies. 


Extensive production of ketone bodies results in acidosis and coma.  After a few days even brain cells start using ketone bodies and thus reduce ketonemia and acidosis causing recovery. 


Kussumals (hyperventilation, air hunger helps to blow out CO2, and reduces acidosis).

The polyuria is compensated by thirst and when hypotension develops, the kidneys shut down in an attempt to conserve blood volume.




  1. Diabetic Retinopathy

There is some evidence which suggests that Retinopathy is accelerated in Insulin treated cases with tight Blood Sugar control.


 Retinopathy, Neuropathy and Nephropathy come after 10-20 years after diagnosis despite treatment with Insulin very few patients go totally blind.


The new vessel formations are actually collaterals to increase circulation to the ischemic areas.


Vitreous haemorrhages and macular oedema usually resolve.Laser Photocoagulation is useful only before trouble startsand is of less  use after established complications set in.


 Laser photocoagulation itself causes some loss of vision.


2.Diabetic Nephropathy


It is not common and occurs in 25% of Diabetics after 20 years only and few develop progressive disease .I


nsulin metabolism by kidney disease and Insulin sensitivity increases which actually stabilises  the blood sugar levels.

  1. Diabetic  Neuropathy


 It is symptomless in the majority .SymptomaticMotor neuropathies usually resolve within a year.




4. Diabetic foot


“ Amputations are actually performed to save the patient from the torture of repeated constructive surgerys”  states a popular medical text.


5.Despite Insulin being discovered  patients treated with Insulin still have a considerably decreased life expectancy .Those diagnosed before 20 years of age have only a 70% chance of living past the age of 50 years. 


6. Macro vascular complications

Strokes, Myocardial Infarctions and Periferal Vascular disease are largely dependent on other risk factors in addition to Diabetes.







In 12-18 months there is a natural remission with some recurrences in some patients. 


40-70% of patients treated with radioiodine become hypothyroid. Opthalmoplegias  in  Thyrotoxicosis  show  spontaneous  improvement  within  12-18 mths.




It is often asymptomatic and is characteristic by a slow metabolism.


 Functions of Thyroxine.


(i)                   Increase in protein synthesis by DNA

(ii)                 Increase in BMR

(iii)                Stimulation of carbohydrate, fat metabolism.

                         (iv) Growth & Development , specially of Cartilage , CNS ,Hair , Teeth & Nails  





(A)    90% of Adrenal Cortex has to be destroyed to cause Addison’s disease.


(B)    Functions of Cortisol –BENEFICIAL


(i)                   Endogenous Cortisol is beneficial and its functions are Trauma, infection, stress, surgery , depression , Anxiety or any debilitating disease where there is a 6-fold increase in cortisol levels. Endogenous cortisol is responsible for catabolism of proteins and fats and converts it into glucose for instant energy. 

(ii)                 They are responsible for rapid resolution of inflammation by blocking.  Interlenkins secreted by macrophages and therefore increases the rate of healing and repair.

(iii)                They dampen the inflammatory response. Both these process are useful in connective tissue disease and allergies where inflammation is useful. 

(iv)                Endogenous cortisol blocks the excess inflammatory response due to the Allergic AgAb destruction.

(v)                  Endogenous cortisol increases the RBC and WBC production. 


(C)    Exogenous Steroid Therapy causes


(1)     Osteoporosis, Fractures and Avascular Necrosis

(2)     HT

(3)      Increased Blood Sugar and increases risk of Bacterial infections, Septicemia and TB.

(4)     Depression and Psychosis.

(5)     Menstrual Disorders (Amenorrhoea)

(6)     Central Obesity and Proximal myopathy and wasting.

(7)     Thrombotic tendencies.

(8)     Suppression of immune responses – large doses of exogenous steroids cause atrophy of lymphoid tissue and decrease in T cell and B cell immunoglobulins.  This can cause fulminant infection and death.

(9)     Suppression of Adrenal Axis – As little as 10 mg of prednisone a day for 3 weeks can suppress the Adrenal axis for 1 year and during an operation, stress or disease, additional dose of 100 mg IM may be needed.  Therefore dose of steroids may have to be doubled during infection, stress & fever.




                                               Catabolic                                                Anabolic


                                              Glucagon                                                 Insulin

                                              Cortisol                                                    Thyroxine

                                              Adrenaline                                                GH


Catabolic hormones break down TG and Proteins to raise Glucose.  Anabolic hormones synthesize proteins, TG and Glycogen from Glucose.


Also PTH raises serum calcium by decalcifying bone via Acid Phosphatase and calcitonin reduces Serum Ca by depositing on bone via Alkaline Phosphatase.

Holistic Approach

Ten Commandments of Alternative Therapy for Diabetes
• Lose weight by walking and exercise and expose yourself to lots of sunlight
• Change sugar from sucrose to fructose and add roughage with cards diet. Consume Sarvadhan aata (Multigrain Flour) and increase protein in diet by adding eggs to meals. Alternate days eat only raw food made up of salad, fruit and sprouts
• Cardio exercise should be started like swimming and walking to reduce heart rate, blood pressure and control blood sugar
• Resistance training to enhance muscle size and hence functionality of muscle cell to reduce insulin resistance.
• Set Diurnal Rhythm, sleep on time +/- 1 hour everyday and eat on time. It helps maintain drug metabolism, serum levels of various substances—e.g., ACTH—physiologic activities—e.g., blood pressure, myocardial blood flow and O2 demand
• Alkaline therapy by adding Dudhi juice, palak, karela to diet helps control blood sugar better
• Drug therapy should be slowly reduced with progress in holistic therapy. Insulin injection dosage units should be reduced in IIDM patients and in NIDDM patients insulin and medication should be tried and tapered off
• Manage stress by meditation, pets, taking regular vacations
• Cut down addictions like smoking and alcohol
• Maintain a healthy diet that is rich in fiber, protein and alkaline. Have a nutrition chart. Take 1 vitamin B complex and vitamin C tablets each day

Holistic Therapy DETAILS

DM mortality is because of cardiac disease and DM associated with high blood pressure. The following holistic therapy aims at controlling blood sugar, lowering/regulating blood pressure and preventing complex ischemic heart diseases due to DM.
Subjects were given holistic therapy specifically to treat Diabetes Mellitus while the insulin injections and medications were gradually tapered off and blood sugar was restored to normal.
These are the cardinal principles of controlling blood sugar for a diabetic subject

Weight Loss
Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. Our trial shows that reversing obesity has help bring diabetes under control without conventional medicine. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the prime reasons of obesity.
Weight loss can be achieved by dropping the total caloric intake and by increasing the caloric expenditure by exercise.
Methods of weight loss
• Increasing fiber intake: Take 1 big carrot/radish or cucumber twenty minutes before meals and to have a glass of water with that so in 20 minutes the fiber absorbs water and swells up and the person can have meal. This will reduce the quantity of food intake and Dietary fiber also dissolves in water to form a gel like substance that reduces the rate of absorption of sugar and helps lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels.
• No Overeating: Eat only 3/4th of stomach’s capacity, to chew food properly and don’t overeat
• Raw food: Alternate days eat only raw food comprising of salad, fruits and sprouts
Exercising can help bring obesity under control and help control high glucose levels.
• Exercise improves cardiovascular fitness to decrease your risk of developing coronary artery disease, which is by far the most common complication of diabetes.
• Regular exercise decreases the LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL cholesterol.
• Exercise improves blood sugar control by allowing your muscles to use insulin more effectively, by maintaining or reducing your weight and by increasing muscle to promote glucose use. This may decrease the amount of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agent you need.
• Exercise reduces blood pressure and may reduce your chances of developing the complications of diabetes.
• Exercise improves your strength, self-image and feeling of well being.
The primary concern is the risk for hypoglycemia and/or hyperglycemia that can be caused by
• Too little food
• Exercising without increasing food intake
• Exercising when insulin is peaking
Hyperglycemia can occur if blood glucose is high before exercising
Walking helps reduce obesity and is a non-strenuous way of working out. Walking should be done in open spaces instead of treadmill that will help intake of sunlight and help avoid knee problems. While walking proper care should be taken of footwear so as not to cause diabetic foot related troubles because of too tight or open footwear that can cause damage.
Exercise Prescription
Detailed exercise prescription is given as a part of a cardio workout mentioned in the sections below
Duration – Starting with a minimum of 20 minutes of agility building exercises, slowly building up to 60 mins of full body workout
Frequency – Three times a week of exercise session along with walking for 45 mins to 90 mins at least 3 days.
Intensity – Exercise has to be slowly increased from low intensity to vigorous regime.

Change sugar from fructose to glucose
Fruits contain fructose, which is natural sugar and because of the associated fiber in fruit; rate of absorption of fructose in the body is relative slow. Thus a peak level of blood sugar is achieved after a relatively longer time.
Insulin sensitivity in dropping blood sugar is more marked with fructose than with glucose hence fibrous fruits and harder fruits like banana, mango with peel, apple are advocated before exercise like walking in Diabetes Mellitus to produce a slow sustained release of sugar in circulation rather than a rapid rise.
3 to 5 portions of fruit were added to all subjects of holistic therapy for Diabetes Mellitus
Jaggery and honey replaced the cane sugar in food for all test subjects.

Carbohydrate Regulation
Carbohydrates should be taken with roughage. Bhakari and Sarvadhan (mixture of 2 cards and 1 pulse with peel in 1:1:1 ratio)
The therapy subjects were made to switch from wheat to sarvadhan for all meals of the day
Sarvadhan Aata
Sarvadhan aata is a mixture of cereals and pulses. It reduces carbohydrate intake and adds protein to diet.
Equal portions of wheat flour, rice flour, and mung (green gram) flour are mixed to form sarvadhan.
500 gm. of each can be added to make 1.5 kg sarvadhan
Alternatively wheat flour, rice flour, and a combination of pulses can be used to form the aata mixture
500 gm. of wheat + 500 gm. of rice flour + 500 gm. of pulse flour (mixture of multiple pulses in equal proportion) will give 1.5 kgs sarvadhan
It can replace the use of rice.
Idlis should be substituted by rava idli,
Potato is substituted by sweet potato with peel

Increased protein intake
Increased protein intake like eating 2 boiled eggs in morning and afternoon helps kill appetite. For holistic therapy subjects suggested protein intake was
• 2 eggs in breakfast and 2 in the afternoon
• Boiled pulses during lunch
• Dals to be replaced by pulse with skin in all meals
Polyunsaturated fats
Consuming polyunsaturated fats present in cashew, groundnuts, dry fruits, peanut butter should be used instead of butter.
Oily fried foods should be avoided.
For all test subjects butter was completely stopped for the duration of therapy

Cardio Exercises
Cardio exercises help reduce heart rate and lower blood sugar along with blood pressure.
The test subjects were made to walk in order to improve their cardio fitness. They were made to walk 60 minutes a day at moderate pace.
Walking served to regulate the heart rate and blood pressure and reduce blood sugar. After the walk was over, the heart rate and blood pressure would become normal (resting heart rate and blood pressure). Gradually, as the cardio fitness improved the resting heart rate and blood pressure dropped as the efficiency of the heart increased.
Walking also helped in losing weight and losing sodium, causing diuresis which helped in controlling blood pressure.
Cooper cardiac rehab: Used by Henry Cooper to rehabilitate patients recovering from heart attacks.

Week Duration of jog Duration of walk
1-2 1 min. 4 min. (brisk walk) ×5
3-4 2 min. 3 min. (brisk walk)×5
5-6 3 min. 2 min. (brisk walk)×5
7-8 4 min. 1 min. (brisk walk×5
9-10 25 mins. Non stop -

When patient can talk comfortably in full sentences during exercise, he can progress to the next step.
Resistance Training
Progressive weight training (does not mean lifting heavy weights but taking light dumbbells and giving resistance to every muscle in the body) helps in anaerobic blood pressure and heart rate regulation and rate of absorption of sugar.
After 4 weeks, resistance should be increased by 5% and thereby providing adequate challenge and load to enhance the size and functionality of muscle cell which will result in reduced insulin resistance and lower blood sugar
For subjects weight training schedule for 3 times a week was give as follows
Week Push up Squat Chin up Front press Back press Dumbbell Shoulder press
1-2 2 x 2 10 x 1 1 x 1 5 x 3 (10 kg) 5 x 3 (10 kg) 8 x 3 (2.5 kg) 5 x 3 (10 kg)
3-4 3 x 2 10 x 2 1 x 2 5 x 3 (10 kg) 5 x 3 (10 kg) 6 x 3 (4 kg) 5 x 3 (10 kg)
5-6 4 x 2 15 x 2 2 x 2 8 x 3 (10 kg) 8 x 3 (10 kg) 8 x 3 (5 kg) 8 x 3 (10 kg)
7-8 5 x 2 15 x 1, 20 x 1 2 x 3 6 x 3 (15 kg) 6 x 3 (15 kg) 10 x 3 (5 kg) 6 x 3 (15 kg)
9-10 5 x 3 25 x 1, 20 x 1 2 x 2, 3 x 1 8 x 3 (15 kg) 8 x 3 (15 kg) 10 x 3 (5 kg) 8 x 3 (15 kg)

Most of the subjects were able to reach at 80 - 90% of set levels in most exercises.

Regulation of hormonal axis of human body
Circadian Rhythms are our body’s natural cycles that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep and libido. When our body is out of sync with nature, we suffer from a Circadian Rhythm Disorder.
Circadian rhythms are produced by natural factors within the body, but they are also affected by signals from the environment. Light is the main cue influencing circadian rhythms, turning on or turning off genes that control an organism’s internal clocks.

Circadian rhythms can change sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature and other important bodily functions.

Insulin being hormone is impacted by the circadian rhythms.
Holistic therapy subjects were recommended measures to regulate the hormonal axis as mentioned below
Regulators of Hormonal axis of human body
Light Exposure
The test subjects were made to expose their eyes to sunlight for at least 40 minutes everyday in the morning. This was automatically achieved during their walk in the morning. This ensured the release of melatonin in the body by the pituitary gland
Regulation of Diurnal rhythm
The test subjects were made to strictly follow a disciplined diurnal hormonal rhythm by making sure that they slept and woke up at the same time. Also they were not allowed to consume food late at night or before going to sleep. This ensured that during sleep, blood supply to the heart was adequate and not diverted to the intestines. Regulating the timing of sleeping and waking up ensured that the levels of hormones in the body was stabilized
Regular sleep
The test subjects were given a sleep count of minimum 7 hours a day to a maximum of 9. If they would sleep less they were asked to make up taking a small nap during afternoon.
Regular orgasm
There is release of adrenaline from medulla during Orgasm raising blood pressure and sudden relaxation after that due to acetylcholine. Thus it helps in hormone regulation. It is like a reset of hormones from top to bottom, giving a feeling of well being.

Stress Management
Stressors may be internal and external. Our body responds to stress either as fight or flight response and repeated stress may lead to failing rheostat phenomenon of hypothalamus leading to less efficient hormonal control through feed-backs. This leads to various changes in body functioning at various levels like cellular, organic or systemic and finally leads to various diseases.
For people with diabetes both physical and emotional stress can take a greater toll on health. Physical stress, such as illness or injury, causes higher blood sugar levels in people with either type of diabetes.
On Immediate basis steps can be take to reduce stress by
• Eliminating Caffeine
• Biofeedback training
• Massage
• To have a support system and ask for help
• To participate regularly in activities for relaxation and fun
Meditation or Hobby
Taking up Yoga, Tai Chi meditation can help in emotional, mental and physical well being. Distressing and also permanently solving stressors in many cases
Meditation and hobby/recreation can help
• To get a good night’s sleep
• Building Resilience
• Replace bad thoughts with good ones
• Other ways to reduce mental stress- outlook, attitude, and thoughts influence the way to see things. A healthy dose of optimism can help one to make the best of stressful circumstances.
• Thinking of change as a challenging and normal part of life
• To see setbacks and problems as temporary and solvable
• To believe that one will succeed if he keeps working toward his goals
• To take action to solve problems that crop up
Keep a Pet
Keeping a pet has proved to be beneficial in stabilizing emotional and physical health. Taking pet for a walk and spending time with pet helps exercise and take away emotional stress. Pets give companionship and help active lighten things around.
Work Life
Workplace stress is the most common factor for stress in developing and developed nations. It is important to balance work life and reduce stress at work place. It can be done by reducing no of work hours, taking lesser responsibilities and not working beyond stipulated hours. Basic exercises like rotations of joints, taking stairs and walking to work can help reduce office related stress.

Processed food and other acidic foods cause slowdown in fat and protein metabolism resulting in hyperacidity and the pH of body to tilt causing complications. Alkaline food like Dudhi (Bottle Gourd or long melon)
Excess acidity forces the body to borrow minerals – including sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium -from vital organs and bones to buffer (neutralize) the acid and to safely remove it from the body. It helps in greater control of blood sugar
In holistic therapy, patients are prescribed one glass of dudhi juice or water melon juice with peel (greens) and bitter melon/Karela juice once a day to boost alkaline in the body.
Apart from these the diet was modified to include palak sabzi, methi sabzi and coconut water

Reducing Drug Therapy
Drug therapy was slowly reduced in the subjects since as holistic therapy is carried out blood sugar level start dropping and medications were reduced to maintain fasting blood sugar at 140 mg/dL and Post Lunch blood sugar at 160 mg/dL
A rapid fall in blood sugar below the normal level will cause immediate death as compared to high blood sugar levels, which will only kill after decades due to complications.
Very rigid lowering of blood sugar by potent anti DM medications will cause low alertness, fatigue and sluggishness and aches and pains in the limbs and fall in mood and depression thus changing the person into a completely different personality than prior to drug therapy.
Side effects of the most commonly used drug therapies in DM (listed below) have been enumerated in Treatment with Insulin and Treatment with Oral Hypoglycemic drugs sections of the Thesis
• Insulin
• Sulphonylurea
• Biguanides
The holistic therapy patients have shown considerable change in mood with lowering of medicines and subcutaneous insulin.
Most patients were able to maintain the targeted fasting and post lunch blood sugar levels and reduce their medications by 50% at the same time

No NON Veg
All non veg food to be cut is preserved which when consumed causes acidosis and reduce uric acid levels. Also, Stress hormones, cortizol, released by dying animal itself increases blood sugar when consumed.
• Non Vegetarian foods are fibreless.
• Non Vegetarian foods are high in cholesterol and have trans-fatty acids.
• Most Non Vegetarian foods are devoid of many vitamins.
• Non vegetarians need strong digestive enzymes to be able to digest proteins. Hence, it is important to include sources of natural digestive enzymes in the diet to help the body keep its digestive capability high.
• Many authorities claim that people should be cautious while consuming fish found near industrial zones.
Compassionate behaviour towards animals by not eating non veg also has a psychological feel good associated with it that makes people less stressed.

Smoking and alcohol in diabetic enhances arterial complications of accelerating ischemic heart diseases and ischemic strokes
All subjects of therapy were completely off addictions for the entire duration of therapy

Balanced Diet
The test subjects were given a balanced diet by including fiber and vitamins in their diet. Adequate fiber ensured that they did not overeat as fiber contributes to a feeling of fullness after a meal. This helped in regulating their body weight. They were given 1 tablet of Celin (vitamin C) and 1 capsule of Becosul (vitamin B) a day

Rule of Thumb
In Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus we must aim to reduce the dose of insulin used and the frequency too with holistic therapy
In Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus we can gradually taper off insulin with holistic remedy and sustain the patients on oral hypoglycemic agents
In Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, with holistic remedy, we can aim to taper and stop Oral Hypoglycemic Agents.

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